Practice Areas


Mining is our expertise.

FFA is recognized in the market as a high performance and specialized law firm in Brazil ready to offer:

  • Total advice on all phases of the mineral process with ANM, MME, INCRA, FUNAI and SEMAS throughout the national territory;
  • Representation and defense of all types of administrative and litigation proceedings of our clients;
  • Advice on setting up mining companies;
  • Advice on strategic negotiations;
  • Compliance & Investigation – advice our clients and it´s executives from preventive perspective as corporate training, assistance and guiding implementation plan, advisory to Board and Executives, as well as in the crise management sphere as, review of current compliance program in place, internal investigation and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings.;
  • Due Diligences and issuance of opinions to assist in the purchase and sale of mineral rights
  • Due Diligences, advice and strategic negotiation to support Takeover and M&A operations.
  • Mineral assets management with ANM.
  • Drafting of all contracts involving the client’s business such as contracts of option, acquisition, assignment, transfer, and sale of mineral rights, contracts with landowners, leasing, provision of services and others.
  • Advising foreign companies in the mining sector;
  • Support in litigation and arbitration;
  • Support in negotiation and post-settlement solutions.

In addition to our legal team, FFA has a multidisciplinary and structured consultancy made up of geologists, mining engineers, forestry and cartographic engineers and biologists, where the experiences of these professionals allow for effective and differentiated solutions in the identification, acquisition, negotiation, and implementation of mining projects.


Environmental and Social Licensing – New paradigms

Environmental Law and Environmental and Social Licensing are areas of relevant activity of FFA Legal, our professionals are specialized in these segments, which are closely associated with modern mineral activity. We support our clients by offering a differentiated strategy in the pursuit of economic balance and interaction and rapprochement with the government and the community where they operate.

We act in a consultative manner, through the preparation of due diligences and opinions, providing legal guidance in inspections, negotiations, support in conducting audits, estimation of liabilities, analysis of economic-financial-social impact and preparation of action plan and value creation.

Our partner has been one of the pioneers in licensing mineral projects since 1989, and since then we have been working with federal and state public agencies, representing our clients in the search for the best solutions in obtaining the required licenses in the sector, with proven record of participation and success in public hearings won for our clients;

We act in the prevention of litigation of our clients, mediating important negotiations in several areas at the national and international levels. We rely on the solid experience and ability of our professionals to represent our clients in the areas of Administrative and Judicial Litigation, preparation of defense, appeals, defense in investigations and civil proceedings, working with the Public Prosecution Service of the States and the Union, always in a manner integrated with clients’ mineral research activities, accumulating unique technical knowledge that sets us apart in the market.

Suporte para empresas de Mineração e Ambiental Suporte para empresas de Mineração e Ambiental


FFA also offers its clients integrated services in the complex areas of accounting, tax, HR, administration, and finance through a high-performance team, enabling customers to remain focused on seeking results for their business.

We serve a number of clients in the Mineral Exploration industry whose companies are listed on international exchanges, where we have proven our work frequently successfully audited.

  • Accounting: Preparation and consolidation of monthly transactions, preparation of reports in accordance with Brazilian accounting standards and reports to meet the IFRS international standard. Receiving support from external auditors in both face-to-face processes at our office and remotely by sending the digitized information for international auditing.
  • Financial services: Accounts payable and receivable management through an integrated system. Weekly cash report presentation, cash flow preparation, audit attendance, relationship with banks and brokers for all types of transactions.

  • Fiscal: presentation of all reports and obligations to all spheres, Municipal, State and Federal of our clients’ headquarters and branches;

  • Human Resources: All personnel management, benefit management, and Occupational Safety and Health issues, as well as all Personnel Department controls.

  • General management: management of travel plans with ticketing, lodging, rental, credit control and reimbursement of unused or rescheduled air tickets, general purchases of material and field equipment, dispatch of documents and products in general for the client, administration of postal and notary services for clients, among other various administrative support services.

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